POF Modeling Workshop

Authors submitted abstracts are kindly requested to register for the POF Modeling Workshop (Registration)

The POF Modeling Workshop will be held on September 21, 2015. The main focus will be on the modelling of sensor applications and the interaction of environmental effects on light propagation in POFs. But further topics can also be accepted.

The workshop is an excellent opportunity for scientists and engineers to share research and expand knowledge in different numerical methods, physics of the propagation of light, and hybrid modeling approaches.


TRIPOD Workshop

This is the annual workshop of the TRIPOD Marie Curie Initial Training
Network (
TRIPOD is developing the technology and applications of polymer optical
fibre grating sensors. The Annual workshop contains a joint session with
the modelling workshop listed above and is open to people outside the
network interested in learning more about the
technology. Prospective attendees must contact the coordinator Prof. David
Webb ( by 11 September.