Make a lasting impression with sponsorships at the 24th International Conference on Plastic Optical Fibers .

We are looking for sponsors who would like to supporting POF2015 and having a presence among the attendees. You can get a great exposure by sponsoring registration bags, bag inserts, flash memory, badge holder or coffee / lunch breaks.
Please feel free to contact the POF2015 Secretariat <info@pof2015.de> for further information. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.





Attendee Registration Bags

(Your logo placed on each bag)

5000 €

Flash memory with proceedings

(Your logo placed on each memory stick)

2000 €

Registration Bag Inserts

(Place your promotional item, flyer, ball pens etc. in every bag)

300 €

Badge Holder

(Your logo placed in each badge)

500 €

Coffee Breaks / Lunch Breaks

(Company’s name will be displayed during the break)

500 € / 800 €


*Each sponsor will be listed in the proceeding and on the homepage www.pof2015.de

Please download here